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Welcome to Autoephemera


Visual artist, writer, educator,

and meditation instructor.

American residing in Spain.

Autoephemera houses a body of creative work dedicated to

storytelling and self-discovery.


My visual artwork explores memory and impermanence through a wide range of methods and media. I write about these same topics, as well as the development of emotional literacy and self-expression through creative practices.

I aim to promote conversations about identity within the framework of mental health and trauma recovery.

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AutoEphemera is a body of creative work
dedicated to sharing stories from lived experiences
to connect with others. 

I define
Autonomy as the sovereignty over
one's own narrative.
Ephemera are the
impermanent pieces of our stories
that we look to for meaning and belonging. 

Deciphering patterns of the past informs us
in the now on how to face the future together. 

Thank you for sharing Autoephemera with like-minded
friends and creatives, and take care.     - 

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