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Installations: Selected Work

Reflection on the series...

                                                                 Jen Larson:  musician, artist, restoration specialist ,and archivist                                                                                                      Metropolitan Museum of NYC / The Grand Ole Opry

"This work is a beautiful meditation and reflection on the passage of time - on what is captured in writing and the ways that can be released and/or transformed. It is also about labor and energy on a very intimate scale - there's the handwork of writing and the handwork of re-configuring the notebooks into garments. Although the journals are constellation points that mark various moments in her life, they aren't static or frozen in time. The pages and words now move as the wearer moves.  As a long-time journal keeper myself, it's interesting to see what's changed and what continues to be a positive or negative part of our emotional, mental and creative landscapes.  The thought of physically deconstructing journals and letting them have a second life as something entirely different is a challenging and beautiful idea. In thinking about transforming these words and pages into clothing I wonder, as the wearer would one feel as if they were carrying the emotional weight of the content or does deconstructing the codex (book form) also deconstruct the power that those words once held? Clothing can be both physically and psychologically protective and it can also be revealing - these garments seems to do both, with her own words as the fabric."

the artist working in Esporles garden_ed


Mallorca Spain

+34 628 178 782

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