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"...Art can also help liberate victims of gender violence.  The American artist Laurie Pearsall presents her exhibition now in Palma - Materia Prima. It is a work of art based on her own experience that brings a light to the darkness."

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IMAGE_Me+Natasha_2011_interview_f.Art_Can Planes IB3 TV
IMAGE_MMM announcement w. Marisa
IMAGE_article_clip_Carlos Jover_ENG_MATERIA PRIMA_04.09.2022
Entrevista Mariana Diaz Ultima Hora_27.12.18
Authentic Obsessions Podcast Episode 10
Gudi Morangues Review_Renovada Lectura_13.01.19
IMAGEN_articulo_corte_Carlos Jover_MATERIA PRIMA_04.09.2022
IMAGE_article_clip_Carlos Jover_ENG_MATERIA PRIMA_04.09.2022
Diario de Mallorca: Exposición DUALITAT de Laurie Pearsall
Brisas Magazine, Ultima Hora 2012
Baleares Sin Fronteras, September 2012
Premios de Artes Plastiques 2016
Mallorca Life & Style: May 2012
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